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MK ULTRA & The Illuminati Slaves, the handlers and pop culture

MK ULTRA was the evolution of brainwashing program that was taken from so called research during the Natzi era. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, set up in London in 1921 Studied the "breaking point" of humans. For a more in-depth study please click link at the bottom of this article:

Some Nazis families that escaped WW2, were taken in to America (on the quiet), for their so called scientific knowledge. In  particular the types associated with experiments on Jewish and Gypsy ethnic groups, that worked for Hitler etc. Only later to work for the CIA and OK'D by American leaders in government.

Allowing experimentation/behaviour/ brainwashing, the aim was to create slaves', that would perform roles as and when for the Illuminati. Such brainwashing techniques were used to  create 'multiples' (dual or multiple personalities), and lets be honest, we are talking about torture here rather than experiments.

Now let us focus on the pop industry.

The occult religions, such as Satanism, Kabala and Scientology are either spin offs or decended from the Mystic Religion Schools, whereby worship of the sun and sacrifice are major themes.

And for some reason; unless your are an occultist or in the Illuminati you will never know, why they prefer their "priestesses",  to be of fair complexion. More specifically they make their slaves have blond hair (perhaps a reference to the Arian Race!).

To give you some examples, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, occasionally they do use black women such as Beyonce (aka - Sasha Fierce) and Rihanna (she had a blond quiff for a number of years).

The reason why they tend to use females should be obvious as they are more sexy, and sex sells. Also they use females for programming as their tolerance for pain is  supposedly be higher than males.
However, there is some scientific debate to whether or not this is true! It may be that females are easier to handle and can be isolated, used for sex, and are not as strong as a males. Imagine a well built male suddenly going berserk!

The case of Britney Spears

Everyone remembers the Britney Spears meltdown, whereby she escaped her handlers for a time. She went to a salon and shaved her head - by herself. Psycho analysts will tell you this is common under patients with mental issues. However think.... was she trying to stop herself from being a "priestess pawn" by getting rid of her blond locks!

Interestingly, as I write this she has started a comeback, complete with her blond hair! Her handler is believed to be her father as in the case in Michael Jackson. In addition, what is very interesting is when she 'broke free' for a while, her paparazzi became her boyfriend. Well either he was just chancing his luck, whereby something developed between the two, or is there a more sinister tale to tell?
Me thinks handler no 2, on the out field!

Interestingly Britney also escaped to Vegas to marry a man she had known since her childhood. However, 24 hrs later the marriage was nullified, (this is very interesting and odd, particulary the timing). Could it be that this marriage was to be her escape route, we may never know!

Remember these families are OWNED by the higher ups in the Illuminati. Michael Jackson was a tragic case. These "product families/stars" have a life span much as any retail product, just ask anyone who has done a
business module at college.

Many Illuminati controlled slaves have the obligatory tattoo, which can be a butterfly in reference Monarch programming (whereby an alter personality reveals itself upon action of trigger words). This is easier for handlers and higher ups to identify them, if needed.

In short imagine having to try and escape your handlers with threats of death and torture . Not only to yourself and to ones you hold dear such as your child! It's almost impossible to break free, and if they didn't
find you they'd have people in high places to make sure you will not succeed such as police, social services, judges, lawyers etc.

It's nothing personal it's just the business

Have you ever turned the pages of the local or national papers only to find an abuse story? Well i am sorry to tell you that this is also a part of a brainwashing program that is currently being performed on you!

They want you to fear, they want you to feel revulsion, they want you to hate yourself. They also want you to participate either in these types of sick activities or watch MTV and read horrible information - you are to be fed drip by drip, and be a passive viewer, from an early age!

If your finding this all hard to believe then you better pay attention to the JFK, conspiracy speech referring to a "monolithic conspiracy". Shortly after delivering his speech, JFK was assassinated. Supposedly
by a lone gunman, maybe another MK Ultra Slave (link coming soon).

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